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Overview of Python Programming

This Python course has been designed to ensure it will help a beginner Learn Python and become a master programmer of Python.

The Python Course includes detailed explanation on how to install python, set up the Python Environment, on How to set up Data Types and Create Variables, How to write Python Code from scratch, Input & Output, How to use Regular Expressions, Collection, How to implement GUI, How to work with Database and many more.

Whether you are a Beginner, or Novice or consider yourself a Dummies for Python – you will learn so much from this Python Training you will be able to get a Python Developer Job.

C is considered one of the most preferred languages for writing operating systems and have been the inspiration for most popular high-level languages. Several high-level languages have adopted principles and concepts from C, so if you have a quest to learn other high-level languages, learning C would be highly beneficial. Owing to its speed and limited memory occupancy it is used to develop several OS and device drivers. Hence if you want to make your career in embedded software or have a quest for developing desktop applications then learning C is definitely going to be the right choice.

Who can take this course

Whether you are looking to Build a Live Project in Python or just want to Learn Python for a Job


Who want to take this course just need to have passion for programming languages!!

Any one can learn Python from scratch.


Duration of Python course is 80 Hrs

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction of Python
  • Basics of Python
  • Programming with python
  • OOPS in Python
  • Working with Input Output
  • Exception Handling
  • Collection
  • Regular expressions
  • Working with Database
  • Django framwork