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Overview Of Photoshop, CSS3 & HTML5

About Photoshop

The full Photoshop course includes everything you will need to learn Photoshop and become a Pro. Adobe Photoshop is an incredible image editing software used by Web designers, Graphic Designers, artists, professional, and photographers. We have covered all the basic tools used in our Photoshop course like Layers, Masks, Blending, Blurring, brush tool, lasso tool, quick selection tool, magic wand, eyedropper tool, clone stamp tool and other photo editing topics like layering, masking, and image processing all shown practically.

Why take the Photoshop course?

Photoshop has been used for designing websites, photo editing, creating realistic design models and so on. Planning for a career in designing field then start with the fundamentals through this course.

Photoshop is not only for professionals and anyone can learn photoshop who wants to start exploring the creative world of designing, making own projects, restoring old photos, enriching one’s artistic skills, designing own business cards or posters, manipulating photos, creating 3D objects and enhancing images.


Who can take Photoshop course

Anyone who wants to Learn to Image Editing and Photo Editing in Hindi can undergo this Free Photoshop Course

Pre-requisites for Photoshop

Basic computer knowledge


Duration of Photoshop course is 40 Hrs

About CSS3

CSS3 or CSS course includes everything you will require to become a master designer and developer As Web and HTML pages are becoming more and more popular, knowing about the recent advancement in CSS3 is critical for every designer and developer.

Whether you are looking to work with and Learn HTML Tutorial or HTML5 Tutorial, you will require to understand CSS and CSS3 to make a perfect website. CSS3 is the newest iteration of CSS and can help you be up to date with HTML CSS.

The CSS course will start with the basics of CSS, HTML, HTML5 and take you deep into how to implement them in a Live project environment

Who can take CSS3 course

any one

Pre-requisites for CSS3

Basic computer knowledge


Duration of CSS3 course is  40 Hrs

About HTML5

HTML5 has been developed to Learn HTML5. The HTML5 tutorial includes everything that a student will require and master HTML5 for a job. It includes all the details from HTML5 Hello World, to HTML5 Canvas, HTML5 Video, HTML5 Features, HTML5 Tags and a lot more.

Once you start to Learn HTML5 you will realize how easy it to learn and implement HTML in a Real Live Project.


Why Learn HTML5?

HTML is the starting point for any web or mobile presence, and HTML5 is the newest iteration of HTML which makes it easy and efficient to talk with your users. HTML5 supports natively various APIs and even has calling and video support.

Who can take HTML5 course

any one

Pre-requisites for HTML5

Basic computer knowledge


Duration of HTML5 course is  40 Hrs

Photoshop Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • Tools
  • Edit Menu
  • Image Menu
  • Layer Menu
  • Select Menu
  • Filter Menu
  • View Menu
  • Window Menu
  • Assignment

CSS3 Course Curriculum

  • Introduction of CSS3
  • Selectors and Pseudo Classes
  • Fonts and Text Effects
  • Colors
  • Borders and Box Effects
  • Transitions
  • CSS3 Responsive
  • Vendor Prefixes
  • Implementing CSS3 with an Example

HTML5 Course Curriculum

  • Introduction To HTML
  • HTML Table and Form
  • HTML4 To HTML5
  • HTML5 Semantic Elements
  • HTML5 Graphics
  • HTML Multimedia