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Overview Of CodeIgniter & Advanced PHP

About CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter course will walk you through important concepts like MVC, Database Access, Classes, and Sessions. The course comprises clear and competent content which will help develop websites using PHP. CodeIgniter is an open-source software rapid development web framework, for use in building dynamic websites with PHP.

Why learn CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter runs on PHP. It is lightweight and fast compared to other frameworks. It uses the MVC Framework. Rich set of libraries for common tasks, simple interface, and logical structure to access libraries makes it very easy to use. It minimizes the amount of code needed for a given task and lets you focus on your project.

Who can take CodeIgniter course

If you want to become a professional website developer in PHP then you would definitely find this course beneficial.

Pre-requisites for CodeIgniter

Knowledge of Core PHP, Advance PHP and HTML


Duration of CodeIgniter course is 60 Hrs

About Advanced PHP course

The PHP course includes the Basics of PHP with theory and practical examples and real life examples of things that a PHP developer faces in Real Live Project Development. The best part of the PHP Training is that it is taught in your own language. The course starts with an introduction of PHP, and goes ahead and explains the most important topics in PHP like arrays, sessions, include, functions, forms, variables, class. Not only is every topic explained in detail but also includes the How and why of implementing the PHP code.

Why learn Advanced PHP course?

Anyone who wants to learn how to build data-driven applications using MVC pattern can take this course. Even if you are just starting to learn web development you would find this course highly useful.

Back-end developers who want to learn front-end programming or front-end developers who want to learn AngularJS can also take this course.

Who can take C# course

1) Experienced – You are working in the industry and want to learn PHP

2) Freshers – You are in College and want to learn it to build a career

3) Business – You are planning to start a technology related business and want to know the technology

Pre-requisites for Advanced PHP

1) You will need a basic understanding of C, C++

2) Computer with Compiler to practise the learnings and exercises assigned to you


Duration of PHP course is 120 Hrs

CodeIgniter Course Curriculum

  • Getting started with CI
  • Fundamentals of Codeigniter
  • Simple Calculator Example
  • Database access in CI
  • Codeigniter Class
  • Session in CI
  • Cart functionality in CI

Advanced PHP Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to PHP
  • Syntax Variable & Datatypes
  • PHP Function
  • PHP Operators Conditional & Loops
  • PHP Array
  • PHP Strings
  • PHP Inbuilt Functions
  • PHP File & Error Handling
  • Working with Form
  • PHP With MySQL
  • PHP with OOPS
  • Features of OOPS in PHP
  • PHP File and Directory Access
  • PHP Email Handling
  • JavaScript in Php
  • AJAX in Php
  • Working with Jquery in Php
  • Working with JSON in Php
  • PHP and XML
  • Web service in Php
  • Session & Cookies